Thursday, November 5, 2015



We are adding a new goal to our patreon:
We want to reach $1000 on our patreon, we’ve seen it done with others and would like to achieve it.
Your reward for helping us? A free comic for you released DAILY in December.
From December 1st to December 25th (Christmas Day) you will receive a page to enjoy of a comic.

The comic is called “Night of the Living Bread” and it stars our mouse gal Penei Provolone.
Penei will be working to prepare some gingerbread men to surprise her boyfriend Tommy who is coming for a visit on Christmas.
But mischief ensues as the cookies come to life and try to take revenge on the chubby rodent for eating one of their comrades.

The comic is co-written by GBStudios and teaming up with Neko Gami.
The comic will be starring the artwork of Lazei, a very talented artist on deviantart that does great work.
The comic will be 25 pages in color and will be posted on all our sites and be made downloadable in high resolution on the sites and sold as a pdf in our store.
The pdf will contain bonus content to make it worth the purchase.
Content will include the the full 25 page comic in color, original sketches of pages, some pin ups, and if you want some specific bonus content let us know and we can see what we can do.

We know this seems like a high goal, we get it but reaching this objective would be a big step in success for us.
If we can reach this goal and can KEEP at it then our content from here on out could be made FREE to everyone not the selected few.
EVERYONE will get high resolution content. Every single one of you.
Please help us. Make journals, spread it on social media, do what you can and help us make our dreams come true.

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